Katie Time


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Hi, my name Katie (aka Blue) before I took my stage name. I was a year and a half old in these first pictures before I allowed my non-fur people to care for me. I only weighed 4 lb but now I'm almost twice that. I have a type-A personality. I go and do exactly as I please.

I was pretty shy at first. As you peruse through my web site you'll see I came out of my shell over the last 2 1/2 years. I befriended Babe, my non-fur people's first cat. She didn't like me much at first, but with my charisma she didn't have a chance. We’ve became best play buddies. I love the outdoors where I hide in the most difficult places and watch my non-fur people struggle to find me. They look for hours while I watch them from my hiding place, causing large amounts of anxiety for my human care givers.